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News from the Magnificent Dolphins

News from the Magnificent Dolphins
The term is just whizzing by and so much has happened since our first day in the 1/2 class back in January. After getting to know each other and gelling as a class, we voted on a class name that typified who we are and what we aspire to be. We narrowed the selection down, counted votes and agreed upon, ‘The Magnificent Dolphins’ and here we are!
An amazing amount of learning has already taken place. In English we have completed the first unit.  We studied characters in picture books and focused on their emotions.  For the monitoring task, we did our best to deliver an oral   presentation about our learning.
Our Art lessons have also focused on emotions. We are learning how emotions can be associated with particular colours. We’ve painted ‘green-eyed’ jealous monsters and made Valentine’s gifts with red hearts to our show love for family members and painted blue pictures of the ‘Pout-pout Fish’ who felt sad.
We are now learning about persuasive texts through the delightful series of ‘Pigeon’ books by Mo Willems.  For the assessment tasks, the Year 1s will be creating a digital innovation on one of these texts and the Year 2s will be writing the blurb for the next book in this series. They will attempt to entice a reader to read this book.
Our learning in Mathematics has already covered a broad range of concepts, skills and procedures including counting forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, teen numbers, 2-digit numbers, addition and subtraction (with Year 2s being introduced to 2-digit addition), length, time concepts involving the calendar and chance.
In Science we have observed living things and their habitats, identified their needs and learnt about life cycles. We loved growing our own bean plants, making observations of the way they grow and change. An experiment we conducted helped us to find out what happens when a habitat is altered. Healthy and unhealthy habitats in our school environment have been observed and we made suggestions for improvements.
We are really looking forward to our excursion to Amaroo today where we will learn about friendship and play. This will tie in with our learning in Health which stems from the Personal Development and Sense of Self and Others strands.
All of these learning experiences have continued to cement our identity as Magnificent Dolphins, who are friendly, trustworthy, intelligent, playful and eager to learn.