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Prep- Prep/1
For the first half of the Term, the Prep students have been very busy learning the school routines and expectations.
They have had a ball exploring all the exciting things to do in their new classroom and have made some lovely friendships, not only with each other but also with the big Year One students who have been wonderful role models.
In week 1, many students were playing ‘home’ in home corner. ‘Mums and Dads’ were taking their babies out for walks to the shops. Jack and Tye found the cash register and were using it to buy food for their babies. William and Jackson soon joined in, taking turns to use the cash register, and even the fairy princesses, Holly and Evelynne, came to buy more dresses. The Prep students decided it was a great idea to build a big supermarket!
Here is a snapshot of how our learning developed over the weeks:
-          making a plan of what we need
-          creating a shop sign
-          discussing ‘food words’
-          writing shopping lists
-          making signs
-          developing oral language through checkout role play
-          identifying which signs said ‘open’ and ‘closed’
-          learning ‘s’ starts the word ‘supermarket’ and ‘shopping’
-          placing items back into the right areas on the shelf by
looking at signs
-          sorting fresh food into ‘fruits’ and ‘vegetables’
-          discussing which are the healthy foods in our lunch boxes
-          making catalogues for our supermarket
-          describing and comparing coins
-          measuring how much vegetables weigh
-          sorting food into smallest/largest, shortest/tallest,
-          looking at what time the supermarket opened and closed
-          labelling boxes with price tags
-          investigating how many items we can fit into each shopping bag
-          scanning barcodes with numbers on them
-          looking at the numbers that are on the cash register
-          representing number using ‘shopping’ themed playdough mats
-          counting items in baskets
-          taking turns
-          negotiating supermarket roles
-          inviting others to play
-          cooperating with others
-          sharing items to encourage further play
-          playing with new friends
-          learning patience
-          establishing and following supermarket play rules
and expectations