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Year Two News


Year Two News


Welcome to all students and their families. What a busy start to the year. I  am very proud of all students as they have put in a tremendous effort. It is great to see the students ‘having a go’ at the difficult Year 2 and working on their writing skills.

In English, students have rewritten a poem/ nursery rhyme following the pattern and rhythm of the original rhyme and presented their written poem to the class. We have moved on to reading narratives and students will be using the stories as the basis for writing a biography.  The students have been busy working on their personal spelling lists as well as practising their reading. A friendly reminder to have your child practise their reading every night and PLEASE sign once you have heard your child read.  In the near future, a group of students will begin practising their sight words (instant recognition) which will go home in their BEE (Bring, Everything, Everyday) folder.
Counting and applying counting patterns to includes numbers in the hundreds has been our learning focus during Mathematics. The students have been making numbers using a variety of methods including concrete materials, bundling sticks, tens and ones, tens frames, bead strings and place value charts. Students also investigated calendars using days of the week, months, seasons and time (seconds, minutes and hours). In measurement the students are using informal units to measure length, weight and volume.
During Science students investigate a range of familiar materials to look at their properties. They have been learning about questioning and making predictions and are beginning to write-up their experiments using diagrams and labelling. The information about materials the students  learned during science is being used by them to design a lunch box in our Technology unit.   As this is an ongoing project it well be quite a few weeks before their lunch boxes are completed.
Investigating items from the past and linking the advances in technology to these developments is the focus of learning in History. Students examined toys and household items and devised suitable questions about their item.  
I would like to thank all students for the hard work and continued effort. I look forward to all the great work they will complete in the future.
Rosemary Whistler